Atlantean Mace

This time it’s not from memory so that’s cool.

Same as last time, I’ll post the 3D printed version when it’s ready, it’ll be a few days though.


nice job, the only adjustment I would make would be to make the spines thinner, and add more of them.

I agree, but that was hard to do. I used an icosphere and scaled up some points from the center until they made spines and then shrunk the bases of the spines, but they weren’t shrinking right so I gave up on it. Stylizing and maintaining a low poly count was also a reason.

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I just realized having smaller spines would make a worse print as well, this makes sense.

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spiked urchin fists hell yeah
Ultimate Art: Ulna Strike

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I’d say make the spines a bit larger and thinner and add more of them, but see if that could work since I worked just a bit with 3D printing myself and I know how the supporting material can be a pain

Already explained why.