Atlantean Powerful King Legs LF:Sunken Warrior boots

My user is neco1571, DM me if u are interested.

not worth it
atm theres not a single boss drop that is remotely close to sunkens in terms of value

“Atlantean and Powerful” the ppl that want it don’t care about the boss drop but about the essence and the exotic scroll thats enchanted with. literally 45 power piece plus other stats.

the atlantean and powerful do not make this trade much better. If you had offered the essence and powerful separately tho that wouldve helped but even then it still wouldnt have been worth those sunken warrior pieces

welp I’m glad you said that cause Imma trade it with someone in my server so I guess if you actually know the stats it gives you would know it’s a decent trade rip.

stats arent everything when it comes to trading. If that was the case then seasonals would have no value

For most ppl they are which I’m thankful for otherwise I would not have been able to trade anything ; )

gl finding a trade on the forums then, most people here dont just think “ooga booga good stats me accept” afterall

Glad that a lot of ppl disagree with you and aren’t edgy :smiley:

one example = a lot of people
me disagreeing = me being edgy

nice logic :sob:

Ultimate bait

Nashe, he’s saying what alot of people know; sunkens are just gonna go up in value from now with the recent changes, think of them like seasonal items, very rare and they’re the safest item in terms of their level cap to rely on, their stats are good too.
you can use this as reference:

This has gotta be bait

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