Atlantean Warden Lady

I sighted another rare warden atlantean, this time its a lady

Expedition aftermath

I proceed to get jumped by 3 brigs and 2 ketches. Fun.


Were wardens also mutated? From what we have seen so far (atleast what I saw) wardens were priests or some shit and I honestly don’t know where I’m going with this…

AO players when they see woman in game:

(its the only rare encouncter with women they have)


Real (This is factual)

Its vetex spaghetti spawning atlantean wardens.

Though there is a possibility that atlantean wardens will be removed, or made in to a new category of corrupted wardens

Thr vetex spaghetti paradox

So fellas, would you with an Atlantean?

I mean …

Your Honor, i didn’t lethally poison a Atlantean woman for a few magic polluted treasures :fr:

That video is basically:
Least violent Mutated Atlantean:

Me 5 minutes into the second range with my friends be like:

Are you assuming it’s gender? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

how do you have 4 abilities? you could only have 3 deckhands?
or thats me still stuck on ketch

You can have 4 deckhands on a brig, but you can only have 3 on a ketch.


AO players when they see warden in game:

(its the only rare encouncter with warden they have)

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it surprises and scares me how you are not suspended yet

how do you know its a warden?

They don’t fight back

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