Atomic Echo's Shop (Smoke Arrow Only!)


– Strong Iron Armour x1

Wizard Gear

  • Hats

– Ask me color
– Strong x2
– Hard

  • Robes
    – Only clean
    – Ask me color

  • Pants
    – Ask me color
    – Strong Blue
    – Hard Red

Dull Amulets

  • Power

– Strong Dull Power Amulet x2
– Hard Dull Power Amulet x2

  • Defense

– Hard Dull Defense Amulet x3
– Strong Dull Defense amulet x3


  • Capes
    – I have every color, but white and grey
  • Valkyries
    – I have every color (black, pink, white etc)!

strong dull power amulet for?

It is around 600 smoke arrows

Wizard set for how much?

150 smokearrows for each item

Hard dull power amulet? What is it’s price

400 smoke arrow but we can dicuss the price at my disc: Kushan#7592

And how about the hard dull defense amulet? Is it the same price or it’s higher

Much higher dude. It is like usually 700

do you have a colbalt wizard robe?

You still selling any strong dull power amulets?

hey i got 602 smoke arrow can i buy Strong Dull power amulet?

how much for a hard wizard pants?

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