Attacked by two Acquire members idk

Question, is it normal to get attacked by people from Acquire? Because that is exactly what happened. I was on my way to Bell Village when I passed two of them and they started to chase me and eventually killed me. And when I respawned, THEY DID IT AGAIN.

Just asking.

Were you in a guild?

Yup. I suspect they were trying to gain a little infamy.

If you’re in a guild, of course other people in a guild are going to attack you. You practically signed up for that


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If you were in a guild then yes it’s normal, if not though then it’s ambiguous (mostly depends on the situation)

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Youll survive

Complaining on the forums about being attacked in game a classic

Guilds bad go solo

theres more than 1 acquire playing? Name drop. All of the old guilders are starting to come back for some reason.

skill issue lol

That’s basically how guilds are currently. The only solutions are 1. Get better at pvp so you can fight back against infamy hunters or 2. Leave guilds and stay away from them until infamy is fixed in AO

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why wasn’t I mentioned?

Bro just woke up from a year long slumber

(Also I remember you from vetcord we briefly met)

I guess you should * acquire * some skill before joining a guild, see what I did there? Get it? No? Ok bye :frowning_face:

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