Auctioning powerful sunken chest!

I am auctioning probably the best enchanted item in the game
i am open to all offers
Best offer will win!

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1 crown



Just here to say that that isnt the best enchanted in the game furthermore their are much better enchanted items and also the best enchant for sunken is either hard or bursting

Well he did say “probably”

is it tho since weapon stats have decrease there is no point in sunken swords and thats why it is the best. its the only thing that can deal good dmg

Extra high jump is op

I dunno, I would give 1.3k Crowns, an Clean Vastira and maybe uh an Shiny Fish
I just want that Shiny Plate ]:0

FISH is in the lead!

clean vastira + 4k crowns ez

drama is coming in hot!

that’s the second time you sent me out of orbit of the space station

When is this Auction gonna end?

Clean Vastira + Clean Exiled + Minotaur Boots/Leggings + Bursting Magic Size Amulet (Dull) Level 50 + 2k Crowns and TWO Extra Shiny Fishes

69 crowns I guess

fish is in the lead!!!

Hoi, how long will this auction take?

will a clean sunken leggings and alot of money take the lead?

it will take 1 day