Australian Servers

australian servers are a thing now
they are probably based in sydney or melbourne
only works on private servers at the moment
this is good
go watch firranos’ stanky little video on it

get harassed you americans you gonna cope

do not react to this topic i keep getting pinged and it drives my head into my red back spider-infested grey wall (not a good thing)


congrats australian
feels weird saying this as a brit

now go 1v1 joshibba, jason, and tiger :blush:

Im like a quarter british if that helps


Will do.

finally. Australians won’t fail at pvp

australia moment

australian >> british (in my opinion)

This will be interesting, I have only ever experienced 200-700 ping in South East Asia and averaging at 250-300 in Australia. This will be something to get used to hehe.

is it that hard to just mute topics instead of complaining about getting notifications???

react notifications