Avengers?✖️ Arcane odyssey ✅

@jadina - Andre
@GhostlySickle - mei
@rouver2345 - Ruby
@stellarii_xx - Noelle
@OneAndOnlyFrancesca - Frida and eleanor
@BlindclownNN - Brahms
@dollychovespula - bell
@RedConjurerAO - Malik
@redaceone - Akiro
@ozzie - Duke
@ deerfr3aks - Bellaphon
@ easy_p_sealemon - Bianca
@ Busybubeo1234 - Joline
@ nerozio - Nero
@ Natasha_art - Nat

This was honestly so much fun, drawing each face and outfit for each character and honestly just cherishing how creative and full of personality everything has, like they all look so distinct and I’ve has a lot of fun drawing them!
I’m glad you guys liked them! And I’m waiting for more amazing works from you guys!

(10 pings max so I’ll tag you guys in the comments ^ ^;)


@deerfr3aks - Bellaphon
@easy_p_sealemon - Bianca
@Busybubeo1234 - Joline
@nerozio - Nero
@Natasha_art - Nat

Rest of the tags!

This is the best crossover I ever saw. This stuff is about to get lit-

16 people in less then 2 days lets go!

Dang bro you been speed running this. That’s impressive you did that less than two days.

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cant wait for the next part

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You did so good drawing everyone, they all look fantastic!!!
Thank you for drawing my baby, she’s so happy

It’s Nero again!


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Gathering all of them will chalk up to a disaster, I tells ya.

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Peak art

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A very interesting art that looking at it makes me smile!

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The ultimate crossover to surpass endgame!
This is amazing, to draw 16 entire characters is insanity already :fr: Props to that.


my babey finally getting the attention huehuwheuwhuew :face_holding_back_tears:

this is amazing im still impressed by your art :WAAAAAH:

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Why does Noelle, Bell, Malik and Duke feel like they could take on everyone else at once-

you drew Noelle so well aaaaa you have my thanks :pray::pray:
everyone else looks super good as well !! it’s rlly cool how you got all of this done within 2 days …

Just wanted to thank you once again for this massive gift for all the people mentioned here :pray: knowing that very few people could actually pull this off makes this all the more impressive that you managed to do this. Kudos.


I can’t react with a salute on the like button so I salute this through replys :saluting_face: