Average Magic Fan vs Average Weapons Enjoyer

Using weapons in the game is real PVP, using magic 6ft in the air are for chumps.


It’s easier to hit okay!

poking those magic users with my sword I stole from some Castlian dude that simps for the king.


How did you steal something from yourself?

Wasn’t mine

But then I took it.

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i agree :frhigh:

Gonna need opinion on magic weapons.

Virgin choosing second and third magics based on synergies
Chad “I think this would be cool together”

Average Legendary Weapons Indulger


Yes, but when you keep on getting one shot by King David, you tend to think that magic is better.

just wait till they add zoro from one piece :mariomug: :mariomug:


Whats magic about it?

Average pacifist when?

man y’all weapons users gonna look like average fans when fighting styles drop

where punching?

I’m actually planning to switch to a weapon build

You think I limit myself to only one fighting style?

You can only have 1 fighting style…