Awekining Damn bro that awesome!

Probably the five topic about it you see

But its my variation.

Ok i EVER wanted to be a mage , but also test warlock , Now i can! , because the free estats reset!

Hey Rodrigo, I just wanna say that I totally support your commitment to a passion you believe in, I mean every time I check the forums before I go to sleep, I see a bountiful display of topics created by you!

The thing I want you to know is that It’s O.K to use outside applications to check your sentences.

For example, there an application called Grammarly, a FREE add on that checks your spelling, punctuation, and of course, grammar!

Now when I say all this I don’t want to seem like ass, I’m just trying to fuel your fire :fire:! The thing is that I want more forumers to come and read the topics that you make, and I believe - remember that I’m not trying to be an ass - that a better front impression could bring in a wider audience!

I understand that english isn’t your first language (I think), but try looking into grammar applications before making a topic. Thanks for reading :pray: and i wish y’all a great day/night! :heart:

i luv you rodrigo :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


ideally youd only use your stat reset if you dont like your current build (or messed up when allocating your points)
cuz if you use it just to check if another build is better and it ends up being worse, you cant go back until the alchemy update comes out

wait since when has stat reset been a thing

i clearly havent been paying attention enough

nevermind i look at reminders and its the FIRST THING I SEE


You can’t use the free stat reset after level 80, and otherwise you’d have to wait until potions are released to effectively compare them with awakenings

Hey!, huge thanks! , I sended You a private mensage


this put a smile on my face

Full mage a W