Ayo new mt art dropped

Drawing of some of the mfs down in the eye realm, if you think it’s not Vetex related art Namuri told me to draw his WOM oc so checkmate :smartass: Ik I couldn’t draw all you mfs that would have been like 80 people and I don’t feel like turning my laptop into a homemade bomb.

God this took a lot outa me hope you guys liked.

Vibe: Mick Jenkins - Smoking Song, Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Education/Gat Damn (NPR), Saba - Stoney

The mf men uhh angry yeah

Vibe: Flying Lotus-African Samurai, Anderson Paak- Come Down (NPR), Logic - Soul Food II

Shay and Cortez goin a mimir

Vibe: Flying Lotus - Never Catch Me, Saba- Whip (AreYouDown?)

The mfs
I’ll properly draw all my ocs later

Vibe: DJ Quik - You’z A Ganxta, MF DOOM - One Beer

Dannys twitch icon

Vibe: Mob Psycho 100 S2 OST - Special Training Montage,

That one map we wont see again

Vibe: Mick Jenkins - “Truffles”, Saba - LIFE

Had like 2 art training arcs gonna have more art soon but school starting back so gonna be harder to focus. Next big drawing either gonna be of Trigno vs Averill or how I think the AO fighting styles will look like based on their names


uhhh amongus



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you are amazing as ever mt! as I say everytime… don’t forget to rest more and stay healthy my dude

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The Men

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yo this reminds me of the eye realm dinner thing but HOLY SHIT

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i got eyelashes doe