Badge Bug

Continuing the discussion from 735th Bronze Sea Explorer:

Apparently I still haven’t gotten the badge… lol

Some might say it’s not a big deal but I spent hours to complete this badge/quest, so it’ll be nice to be rewarded accordingly.

Anyone here know who to contact regarding this bug? I don’t have a clue how to solve this issue since the tickets in the Discord server is also closed.

It’s already fixed in an upcoming patch.




Is that so? Is it possible to know where it is being shown because I can’t see it in the trello? Can you link it? Thank you!

(^ This is meant to be a Trello link, I don’t know why it looks weird)

Scroll on down to v1.11.11 and you’ll see it in the Bugs section.

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Ooh, I see. I’ll just wait until the major release then. Thank you for your time!

Weird, I 100%ed the bronze sea and didn’t get the badge or the title
The game credited a party member instead


It’s fixed in newer/unreleased versions, so it might be sorted once the update releases