Badge Ideas

Viewer: View 1,0000 topics

Habitual: View 5,000 topics

Author: Create 100 topics

Productive: Create 250 topics

Ideator: Create 500 Topics

First Look: Click/Press on a topic

Analyst: Flag at least 25 times

Viewed: Gain your first viewer

Helixian: Gain 50,000 Viewers

Audience: Gain 125,000 Viewers

Veteran: Gain 1095 Days (Not Consecutive)

Unqiue: Get at least every colored badge (Bronze, Sliver, Gold)

Warm Welcome: Introduce yourself with your own forum name with 5 paragraphs

Humane: Like empathetic, but basically two times the amount of empathetic.

(Also if you can, a different color for badges (Diamond Colored Badge)

What is the Diamond Badges?
Diamond Badges are just much harder to get than gold and takes longer to get.
These types of badges show you as a long time member since again, Diamond Badges should take a lot of time to get. Much longer than gold.

i dont think the forum hosting site does that
like the max is gold whether you like it or not

:frpensive: moment

Vetex is not accepting suggestions anymore for a reason

doesnt headless run the forum

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headless is not accepting suggestions anymore for a reason

oh word?


Good ideas Flare

please god no, dont give them more of a reason to stay here

not happening, gold is the pinnacle for discourse badges

custom badges can be a thing though image

No diamond badges please. There are multiple gold badges that 0 people have gotten. Anything that is a rank higher than that would be pretty much impossible.

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