Bak wit anothah fuan qwuastun

if you could make up your own title for AO, what wud it be, E ik its been a while since ive posted a topic. but nobody cares.

Do you mean the game title or a title a person has?

this was already made i think

ok apparently theres a ton of them but the most recent one was this

i want sage to be one so i can be sage sage (sage)

a title of a player


Fish Fish

Aretha the Balanced
Explanation: Aretha will be my file name, and “the Balanced” is referring to Equinox Magic.

(name here) the based

Spartan (obtained by agros)
Anomaly (obtained by iris)
Noble (obtained by The sky boss)
Drop rate of these are ~1/250

for legal reasons this is not a suggestion

“pvp warlord”
“pvp novice”

Ace Grey, The Mage

Jar, The Pickle Jar

Randomness, Kinda Pathetic Frost Lord

The Unchosen One

yeet all of the tarot cards’ name here

Avias, the Lowest of the Hierarchies

Diavalas, Captain of Warvale

Karma, Supreme Commander of the Arcane Revolutionary Army (ONE PIECE)

any1 realize how aa was everything related to one piece, EVERYTHING 95%,

Not everything but definitely a giant portion,
Sea Based adventure game where you go from island to island.
Overall big government that has control of everything.
Sea Curses that remove your ability to swim in return for some really big powers potentially
Weird and wild weather in a different section of sea that’s considered wild.
The things that aren’t related to one piece are well
Most of the things relating to combat and characters, Magic, Fighting styles, Theo, Durza mostly.