Balance Patch First Impressions

How do you guys feel about the balance changes that were added during the patch?

Balance Patch Poll
  • Good All Around
  • Good but could’ve been Better
  • Indifferent
  • Bad but could’ve been worse
  • Bad All Around
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I honestly think the balance team cooked, especially with the new size formula

I like that the patch had lots of good fixes; many under-appreciated skills got changes and fixes. Grabs, for one, are more than glorified mobility tools and work as proper attacks now. Seismic Slash, though I haven’t tested, it hopefully also is worthwhile to use as it’s a very cool attack.

Sadly uppercut still has issues with the knock back hits leading into each other towards the final hit, at least on higher attack speed builds.

Grabs finally working is nice, people have complained about them since the dawn of time

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which is fair because they are a pretty big aspect of certain builds

Idk I’ve not really played it

Find it both good all around and mostly indifferent towards the changes.

Agility changes and Amulet buffs are welcomed alongside the bug fixes.

i just like being able to use tp dash without it being objectively worse :mariomug:

My poor Sailord :frcryin: