Balance Patches: HUGE Agility News

So first off, here’s a look from the speedster themselves of how the teleport changes look:

EXTREMELY fun, especially compared to before. That startup really took out ALL the fun.

Secondly, although I lack an image, thanks to the levelcap/some fucking witchcraft, 0 power weapons deal (comparatively) a TON of damage.

First off, uncharged unenchanted piercing shot is a clean 192 damage now, when with 0 power it used to be around the 130 ranges. M1 is also 180 damage.

But by FAR the most ABSURD difference, is my strong greenwish cultist staff, which now deals a fucking absurd 148 damage. Now, I know that almost all of you use power, so you’d find my statement of “absurd” to be itself absurd. But you’re lacking the context here.

For context, before port mistral, that 148 damage was 48 damage on a piercing gale.

This is huge because, first off, my damage is now passable, but second off, I now have a second reliable projectile other than piercing shot (flying phoenix is pretty alright [does 98x2 damage now compared to a smaller amount that I don’t remember) that I can use even after T jumping that deals enough damage to matter. I can actually get into pvp, and heck, I’d probably WIN most of my fights now.


isnt the power thing related to a very old bug regarding power not working correctly on weapons, making them do lower damage? maybe its fixed now?

I highly doubt it, considering I have 0 power.

Would you mind if I share, but I personally run a high agility build but I got 88 power. Here are my stats (Already nerfed): please take note that this stats are what I remembered (my stats are almost identical to this, or maybe perfectly the same, since im currently not in a server right now)

Power - 88
Def -721
Size - 74
Agility - 227
Attack speed - 121
Intensity - 8
Insanity - 2

The other stats are zeroes. Yes, I have to have insanity to minmaxxed a high agility build. But no worries, insanity 2 can be negated by warding 3 (can be brewed with 10 golden petals)