Bandits, bandits, and more bandits

Lore wise here, has anyone ever considered the absurdist amount of bandits in the world? I get that it’s just an RPG and they’re over-glorified meat-sacks to be hit and killed in brutal fashion, but there’s something seriously wrong in the world of WoM if there are so many people either mentally ill or impoverished people just wandering about. No one actually cares for them, and the magic council’s only option is to brutalize them in admitfully hilarious ways. Yeah sure game, tell me how Billy Anchor “defeated” Mally, despite them literally being vaporized. And often times, they literally outnumber the actual amount of people in towns, although the same can be said for the MC.

Then again, you have like 50 random soldiers appearing outta nowhere when a tyrant strolls into town.




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maybe magius has a bad case of overpopulation? idk

Nah, the stock market crashed with all of the crown codes. It’s the great arcane depression. Millions of civilians lost their jobs and turned to crime in order to survive.


I know this is a joke but the in-game economy seems fine to me, if not thriving.

Barely. Crown codes have ruined the economy.

This need be canon

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