Banned for what now?

Not even funny bro… I get banned bcuz I say lol?

Yay ur finally banned! Sadly, its only for one day…

I think it was a 5 yr old kid who mass reported me bcuz I won a minigame and he said I was bullying him

I have sent an appeal to roblox

Bro just be patient, u can wait a day


The roblox moderation is bs, they should know that. The more appeals made, the closer we are to better moderation

“Yeah you shouldn’t have been saying such inappropriate things like “cap” around a child like that” is a statement that no real person would say

Yeah, roblox moderation is basically based on your report count

If they mass report you, you cant do anything

You can turn off chat.

What are they gonna report you for then?

well everyone knows lul stands for
l- I
u- want
l- to kill your entire family and think that Germany in WW2 did good things and that human trade was good thing for humanity and that we should force the children to work unpaid for chinese companies
stop spreading evil things like that you big fat dumb meanie!!1!1 >:(

What if he thought cap meant:
P:poverty is great so we should sell them into slavery because were British
(this is a joke btw please don’t flag me)

I wont flag you

Lol bro probbaly did think that at this point

what if he thought “your not him” meant:

ur a girl

(btw it should be “you’re”)

Thats still not sexual content really

That is more like discrimination

ye so why did Roblox categorize it as sexual content

Attempt the translation of the word “lul” from Dutch to English using the online web program known as google translate. This should enlighten you on the reason why you have been punished for “Sexual Content” .

Please ensure that you will not use bad words taken from other languages on an “experience” platform such as Roblox again.
Kind regards,
-Roblox ceo guy

Why does lul mean that word bro

I don’t know
I don’t design Dutch slang
(although I would probably be pretty good at it)

wait waht does it mean