Based on these names alone, who are you least likely to invite over for dinner?

  • Shlomo Schlossberg-Shuman-Yom-Kippur-Moscovitz-8-Days-Of-Presents-Bitches Steinberg III
  • Achmed Hakeem-Hamad-Aladeen-Mother-Fucker-Zahir-Can-I-Get-A-Falafel?-Yes-But-We-Only-Accept Cash IV
  • SSSniperWolf
  • Caitlyn Jenner
  • vetexgames
  • rb1
  • chr0malux
  • Archenhailor Memer-Yourmamagone-69-Ardor-Fuck-Admiral-Overseer-Emperor-Monarch Arcanium IX
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Origin Idea

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Screw that Tator tots. She doxxed someone, yet people still support her because they’re simps. :fr:

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I cant critizize sssniperwolf after I invite her since id get doxxed


Vetexgames will always be invited to a dinner party with me for making my favorite Roblox Game

Where is the all button?

wait lemme add one here rq

i’m not inviting anyone from the list
  • all
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who are you going to a large park with? :face_with_monocle:

  • Alexander George
  • Philip Dickinson
  • mohsen el samrani abdallah ibrahim gadallah wahid shishtawoot shawirmah bishiwaiat shattah la mish aoiz mikhalil momkin shiwiait tihinah awyah mashi tamam kam el hisab kiddah? 25 gineh tamam itdfadal
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Sniperwolf…Do I need to explain?

Who is that SSSniperwolf guy?