Basic information about chests

It takes 10 minutes for a chest to respawn. On average you get two crowns from a chest. (1-4 Crowns per chest) I opened 100 chests and I got 55 items (Arrows, bait, equipables (excluding weapons) , weapons) 53 crowns means amount of times not the total amount of crowns.

  • ≈ 8% chance to get double items
  • ≈ 14% chance of clothes and amulets
  • ≈ 26% chance of arrows
  • ≈ 14% chance of bait
  • ≈ 1% chance to get a weapon
  • ≈ 47% chance of Items
  • ≈ 53% chance of Crowns
    Though everything is based of what I got in 100 chests.

When I made this post I hadn’t checked the wiki but they have more acurate results:
Thanks to NoBanana that linked me to this.


I suggest doing this another 100 times a few more times and average your results between them for somewhat more accurate results. Not saying your results aren’t accurate just saying further testing would make them more accurate.

What about chances for both items and crowns?

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Nice observation, but the sample size is too small to be accurate


Yea it really is. But doing 1000 chests accurately is somewhat hard.

I do not really understand what you mean?

Chest loot was confirmed by vetex in a (very old) patch note.
You can see the exact probabilities here:

also small correction, the average value of a chest is 2.5 crowns, not 2
(1+2+3+4)/4 = 10/4 = 2.5


I see. My sample size of the average value of a chest was too small. I didn’t check the wiki if they had infromation about this.

Thanks for notifying me about this.

Really stupid to do this lol it’s honestly useless

nah it’s useful

it’s just useful enough that someone else had done it before you

Nah it’s pretty useless and also done more accurately before him


It was actually not even done, vetex just gave the info did he not?

The data was confirmed but this guy did it himself anyways.

Also it’s outdated since this was as of the fishing update

And you think I knew about this? Honestly this was simply a test on a test

Well honestly this can be helpful so why the hell would you need to delete it?

dragon said the same thing

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