Bathrooms should be soundproof

ok im not sure if I should have put this in suggestions cus its a suggestion but like

have u ever been to some other person’s house
and then they have to use the bathroom
and it just so happens the bathroom is right next to u
you end up hearing everything…
this why I think bathrooms for soundproof they will make using the bathroom much more peaceful and u can be as loud as u want without anyone making fun of u.
i know a lot of people feel the same way

wait bathrooms aren’t soundproof?

no they arent and they need to be u can hear it like a waterfall every time.

100/10 suggestion. I would upvote this

Public bathrooms are soundproof but that’s how they get ya. No one would hear you scream.


who uses public toilets

noone actually uses public bathrooms, they dont even exist, its a conspiracy created by the CIA
reject modernity
return to peeing behind the bushes in the forest

Attacking someone while they’re just trying to use the bathroom? Who would stoop so low?

I once held it in for 24 hours on a road trip because I hated public bathrooms but then I gave in and used a public restroom on the side of the road. When I got there, there was one other man with me and that’s where I could have gotten got.

one time i was on a 16 hour drive and when we left I had to go poo really bad but I dint cus u know everyone gonna rush u if u go before a road trip so I held it in and then when we got there I went into public stall and…

lets just say if anyone walked into the bathroom while I was there, they arent living life the same anymore.

No, you need to piss so hard it sounds like your grilling meat to assert dominance.
If bathrooms are soundproof, this can’t happen.
Save the loud pissers.

just pee on the side

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Bathrooms are overrated, do it outside

omg i never thout of it that way ill do that next time.

not a wom suggestion so works for off topic just fine

…anyway, i completely agree
my bedroom is right next to the shower and if someone has a 3am shower cough my dad sometimes cough then, well, you can figure out what happens.