Because ThatOneGuy is gone

Everybody saw the post they made about departing from roblox, right?
Really sad stuff. They’ve left a mark that I don’t want to leave empty on the forums.

I’ve done a few welcoming rituals to some new forumers, so I want to ask: Could I or someone else take their place and carry on the role of ‘welcoming funny guy?’
Or am i too much of something bad to do that?
Who could be the next @ThatOneGuy ?

Should we make another ThatOneGuy?
  • Yes, and you can do it lettuce
  • Yes, But give the responsibility to somebody else who’s willing
  • No, the forums are fine without them.

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It’ll be quite the mantle to take up. Will you be alright with it?


Why did you ping him? Also change ur name to ThatOneLettuce first.

I’d rather nobody take up the position and for the tradition to die off alongside him
but you do you ig


If nobody ends up pinging me I’ll probably just not do it.

Now that the forums are bigger, maybe we could all pitch in.

We can’t just welcome any new person ourselves?

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Yeah, exactly. Anyone who sees a new person should welcome them.

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(Complete sentence)

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Thats one less opp on here… :100:

thatoneguy was truly the himmest him he could be… :frpensive:

I can be racist

Yeah, since the forums are bigger now, maybe everybody should do it. Back when ThatOneGuy was doing it during WoM and TGR times, we were a much smaller community. I don’t think that one person could keep up with it anymore, though.

We should all collectively take on his mantle.
Oh shit i didn’t think this was from last month.

It’s still in topic so no harm no foul.

Plus people have bumped 2 year old topics for less :skull:

im here to help ya