Become Anita Whang

:frsleepin: :frsleepin: :frsleepin:

he wakes up, for some reason he can see the kidnappers face, it looks like this: :fr:

the kidnapper takes off the mask to reveal a much more normal bandit mask. you assume he’s a criminal

The guy: the oracle hates you, which is why we want you to help us destroy it

Ahh I see, but what with the mask? Is it a simple of such sort?

It makes me look like a bounty hunter, all of those hunters where a mask to change identities of sort so their clan doesn’t get hunted, anyways, the oracle is the real thing keeping us in here, and the oracle isn’t even one of “us”

Mmhhh, I see, but I swear I have seen that some where, I think I saw it on this place called f-f-forums? Mph.

oh, your from that world as well, heh. best that we dont use the same desguise. before you ask how were from the same world, the main reason were all teleported here is because our name gets mentioned, if our name gets said, another one of us appears, and this applies everywhere, discord, teams, skype, anywhere. it just so happens that you were summoned here of pure chaos. (i gtg)

(K) This world called “the internet” makes my brain hurt, it feels as if I lose control of my self, the fabrics of time just, slipping away from my grasp…