Been working on some PVE balance change suggestions to make the game more beginner friendly. Need Feeback

Need more attacks or other buff.
Also cheesing room should be dealt with.

y e s


you know call this excessive but elius just shouldn’t be able to heal in his first phase

and in his second, his healing remains 150 but he can’t heal past 50% of his max HP

Kinda surprising that lowering his 2nd phase particles wasn’t mentioned, because that’s more detrimental than healing imo (along with getting stuck on the ground due to the top layer existing)

tbh the particles made it easier for me to fight him since its much easier to see where he was

tho it was back when the sever limit was 5, so maybe it also make the game laggy as hell

Imma be honest imo the arenas being destructible is fine, I just want the terrain to not be in multiple layers in them lol, the amount of times I got stuck under a carpet that didn’t get destroyed but the terrain under it did is too many lol, but for the most part it’s fine.

Nah he’s fine, doesn’t need any changes.


Feel like it should be 75 first phase and 150 the second mostly, Elius is already not that difficult in the first place.

Yea, or put an invisible wall in it or something.

Agreed, she was way too easy.

Agreed, dunno about the making him stand on the ground because I feel like he’ll get melted by m1s lol, but it also depends on what level the player is so it should be fine for the most part.


So… The exploration tasks but a bit more of them? Not really needed, you can level up just fine with everything that’s in the game already.

Would be difficult to do but it would be nice yea.

Not needed, the players can decide by themselves if they want to go to the stepstones immediately or not.

Not needed, the players will experience it by themselves for the most part, and we already have a couple of pirate ship quests anyways.

Yea the tip is nice and all but an npc for it would be better.

Not needed.

I agree with the Fishing a rare fish giving exp always, not the other stuff.

The second option is better, the first one could also be a pain to put in the game and cause some issues that waste vetex’s time imo.

Agreed, but I feel like it should be under level 50.

Would be a nice addition to the game.



Yea even tho I got used to the commands, we need those.
There was something I wanted to add but I forgot about it while responding to everything lmao


i dont mind it because it stops you from spam t jumping and being unhittable but i wouldnt be mad if it was removed

every time i fought shura i curb stomped him in 20 seconds so idk if this would change much ive never seen anyone have trouble with him tho

sure but increase his health to compensate

idk what cheese room is i just spammed crash and won no problem and i havent grinded for his items yet but i think any method of cheesing should be fixed yea

i never had issues with her grab but yeah any improvement is good

dont care either way


go around the walls instead of running straight into the town

yea u cant see during the entire fight

you see palo town when going to the stepstones so if you arent stopping at every island you see youre kinda playing the game wrong but it wouldnt hurt i guess

its explained as soon as you try to do it but more early game quests is a good thing either way so this wouldnt be bad

sure i guess

sure i think leading you towards shell is good since it has every shop as well as really good quests

it was lowered deliberately to discourage fighting npcs so people dont ignore the games content then call it a bandit beater


if youre a new player nearly every fish will be new for you anyway

no i dont wanna be forced to climb down the stepstones slowly to go to blackwater


by the time youve gotten those items you already know how to get them, guiding players towards what gear they should use discourages experimentation with builds anyway

do it with all boats

yea a way to go back and review the hints youve seen would be good considering everyone skips them then complains that the game doesnt explain enough

this is just basic qol for everyone not just new players and i have no clue how the game released without it

You could just set graphics to 1. It’ll slightly lower the amount of particles in your view.

Alright making some changes, removing quest ideas, will remove shura change ideas, stepstones teleporter will be the only option, remove cargo quest (but not the one to shell island because it’s the only inhabited island that you aren’t naturally lead to you just kinda have to stumble upon it. I know people enjoy the explorative nature- but there are many players who like a bit of handholding or guiding)

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this was already planned to be added
Screen Shot 2023-03-19 at 6.20.30 PM

Same thing I suggested I see, I’ll edit it to suggest filling it out gives exp in the same way the fishing journal does (and to suggest it be added sooner rather then later)

I assume that’s under the adjustments tab? I don’t look in there often.

yup—adjustments, low priority

Ahh yep. I know Low Priority things won’t be in soon so I barely even skim over that every now and then.

please. :sleeper:

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Fair enough

wanted criminal npcs not targeting you if your level is too far below them, thinking you’re not worth the effort. they will attack if you actually hit them, or get too close however

criminals can spawn at really problematic areas for new players such as limestone key and harvest isle, preventing them from just doing their quests without being slapped with an ultimate art explosion

That’s a great suggestion, I’ll add that in.

In my opinion, they should be integrated to the story, if Vetex want players to do it, at least in a narrative we were told to do it, but we don’t have to.

Assassins Creed Black Flag and Rogue showed us the naval combat very early from beginning, and considering there will be part where you must sink Ravenna sailboat, and chased with hundreds of Ravenna fleet, introducing it in the main story would at least give player idea why you must upgrade your ship and crew you hired better as you can.

not to mention players thinking, if I can do this, then I could do this too right?

And yess… even if Vetex stubbornly refused, I do think at least he should change it so no boss get stuck and is out from arena, especially that moment when King Calvus randomly disappear, just for you get nuked to death since he is UNDER the arena.

and I hope Vetex don’t burst out and start banning everyone who have different opinion from him