Been working on some PVE balance change suggestions to make the game more beginner friendly. Need Feeback

Trying to do my best to make the early game more accessible, as well as some of the PVE content. I do understand that some of this are sentiments already shared, but I plan to kind of ‘bring them together’ in the same way people brought together PVP changes- I see these changes to be of equal, if not greater importance than balance changes. The first impression is always the most important in games like this.

I’ll segment this, it’s not much but I would appreciate your two cents.

(You may seem some crossed out ideas, this is to give context to some discussion and show what’s been changed)

Boss Health and Behavior

Boss arenas no longer have destructible environments. (Seen this suggestion before but want to bring it up again). This would apply to Carina and Shura as well even though their arenas are in the wilderness.

(Alternative) Boss Arenas are no longer segmented in their destruction. I.E. The carpet and floor are no longer seperate in the Calvus fight so you don’t get stuck under the carpet when only the floor is destroyed.

Teleport endlag increased by 1 second to introduce players to the dodge and hit tactics better more blatantly.
No Changes

No changes

Reduce Heal from 150 to 75 to make the fight less of a damage check on newer players.

Reduce effectiveness of ‘Cheese Room’ in some way.

Improve Grab Hitbox to be less janky

Barrage Damage from 75 per hit to 50 (38 to 20 in phase 2)
Ai Tweak so he only casts his nuke whilst standing on the ground so fighting styles can find more opportunities for damage.
During Story Quest you are no longer stuck inside the castle until you beat Calvus. This in a way could softlock players who did not have the necessary skill/gear and prevents them from leaving if they find themselves ill prepared for Calvus.

Attack effects fade faster for easier readability of the fight.

Early Game & EXP

Achievements System
A basic achievements system that gives players cheap, easy to get goals at the start that give small exp rewards. By balancing a few of these well, you can increase the level range players end Frostmill at from the 20-25 range to a 30-35 range. This also should have achievements that explain Master Angler and Bronze Sea Explorer, and tells the player they will get a title for accomplishing the goals set out. As well, it should be something players occasionally engage with over the length of the game, rewarding them for various activities like cooking, potion brewing, pirate hunting etc.

Like the Fishing Journal, this will be a compilation of the in game recipes one can make, and filling it out gives EXP equal to catching a new fish. Increase the priority for this mechanics introduction and have it award EXP for filling it out- same as the fishing journal.

Story Does not take you directly to Stepstones
~~Instead of going directly to the stepstones now, the player will be encouraged to stop off at Palo Town, gently nudging newer players towards new quests for a better flow and less of a deadstop. ~~

New Story Cont./ Ship Hunting Explanation*
Have a story quest requesting players sink a pirate sailboat. This will naturally introduce new players to naval combat. Perhaps find a way to work in bronze chests, but most new players will likely try to board rather then engage in cannon fire fights.

Have the quest npc explain why sinking pirate ships is better, and give players a STRONG recommendation to upgrade their boats (so when they reach the Ravenna part of the story where they have to escape, they have a boat better prepared for the task)

New Palo Town Quest
Cargo to Sailors Lodge, a small quest to give players some exp on their arrival. Available around level 50~ so when players get off of the sky islands.

Cargo to Shell Island
A Sailors Lodge quest that will take players to the last inhabited area aside from Ravenna. (This is so people under leveled for Fort Talos/Go to Ravenna know where they can go next)

Small Misc EXP buffs
Fighting NPCs gives slightly more exp than it does currently
Full completion of an islands exploration tasks gives double exp
Fishing up a rare fish or above gives experience regardless of whether or not its a new catch

Quality of Life

Stepstones Teleporter/Fall Protection
Two ways this can be done: (Community has decided)

  1. During the Cirrius Island story quests, if a player jumps off the cloud islands they will be teleported back to their spawn with a bit of damage.

  2. At the bottom of the Stepstones there will be an npc who will charge 50 galleons for a teleport to the top, only available after you scale the stepstones for the first time.

Pirates, Assasins and Navy boats no longer target a player under level 60, 50 unless attacked first

Gear Book
An in game source for players to easily find gear that gives good stats, as well as how to get it. Boss items and rare weapons will be kept shrouded here until a player beats the boss or reaches a certain level.

Increase Sailboats base speed
By having the first boat move less slowly it’ll make it less tedious for new players to explore.

+ Wanted Criminals/Heroes/Navy Members do not aggro on players below Level 50
Suggested by @spammy, this is because players of low level can get unlucky by running into NPCS that massively outlevel them, thus barring them from exploring islands near the starting area (Limestone Key/Harvest Island)

In Game collection of Hints and Tutorials
Having Hints and Tutorials only pop up once can punish the inattentive players. A small handbook of neatly organized tips, perhaps with some visual aids could do wonders for lost new players.

More Options for Key Rebinds

This is what I have so far. There were some things I didn’t want to touch, like core combat. For instance I am not gonna say the game needs a lock on or something more intuitive, but hopefully many of you find ways to help improve this list.

When all is said and done I plan to post this to the suggestions category, potentially with some visual aids.


p sure vetex is adamant on keeping arena destruction.
arena destruction rarely does anything imo and can easily be used to your advantage, but the times you do get stuck can be really frustrating.
what does disrupt gameplay (esp when farming calvus) is the arena repairing mid fight, disable the arena from repairing while a fight is ongoing or make it so the arena repairs everytime the boss loses aggro

elaborate? what do recipes mean? b/c theres a lot of combinations of meals

idk this feels a little useless considering most quests at sailors are locked even after you complete the reach sailors lodge story quest

reset, or sail back (if ur boat isnt placed) + sometimes you want to jump off islands (sky pumpkin questline)


Carina and Shura are fine tbh, only have that problem with Elius, Argos and Calvus

i think hes fine as he is
not hard, just need sometimes to adjust to, similar to Elius ( fck his heal tho )


cookbook sounds like a fantastic idea, and it could help if the chefs across the islands that have quests could reveal a recipe to you after you help them out

the stone details:

Actually his heal is 150

Fixed, it’s now 150 → 75

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Vetex needs to not be adamant about it- arena destruction only causes frustration on the players end and makes the boss fights janky and less fun. I’ve died to Calvus a lot of times just because an attack I WOULD have easily dodged hit me because I was forced to vault over broken piecemeal terrain- this is one change I am adamant about.

The sailors lodge cargo quest is now updated to clarify it becomes available at level 50 (around the level people are when they finish the sky island quests)

For people who either don’t want to die and lose money, or simply don’t realize this early, there should be safety nets. This is one of the biggest reasons people DESPISE the sky island section.

Only issue for me is when there are tiny indestructable parts to get stuck under (i.e. paths, small rock.)
Edit: i tried to reply but it didnt work

This too. It’s simply anti-fun to have the broken terrain that can interrupt the flow of your fight.

I actually find Carinas destructuable arena to be pretty bad. Just constant ground breaks leaving potholes all over the place, but Calvus is definitely the worst offender in this regard.

The reason I wanted Shura to be a tiny bit easier is because as the first boss he serves more as an instrument of teaching then a challenge and the lesson so far is good: Keep on the move. Second lesson he should teach with a bit more clarity is “counterattack”

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I actually agree with this. I personally used an somewhat unintuitive way to get out which was breaking a window that led me outside but made it so I didn’t have to deal with guards. It took me a while to figure this out and I used to just lose all my money by trying to be calvus/guards(Yes, I am bad at this game). The first time I wanted to turnback, i just died to guards.

There is even the example of Elius as well: Elius’ spawn has the dock skyship on it and an island under it if you want to leave to do something else.

Though, since I over leveled for Carina and Argos, I didn’t die, so I have no idea if all bosses have a similar inconvenience.

(Also, you can’t put a camp at Elius’ spawn and it bothered me a lot because I died a lot, which is also inconvenient because I just respawned far away, kinda annoying.)

I remember that sometimes Calvus would get stuck under the stage, and I’d have to go find him, but then he charged that 500x3 damage move and instakilled me/killed me through block because of how bad I was/am at the game and low hp. Or sometime’s I’d get stuck and then 500x3 damage move, and then I died.

I kinda like terrain destruction when it was applied to the physical pillars in his arena though, it was interesting to use as cover(if aoe didn’t just hit you anyway) and it degenerated as well, so you can’t just hide behind it forever, especially against multiple blasts/projectiles(the throne kinda just breaks the rule, so uh…).

The pillars and everything are fine in my eyes, It’s just the floor I take issue with because broken pieces stifle movement.

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Been brought up a lot, but shot down many times by vetex

Maybe 75 in the first phase, but I personally think it should be kept as 150 in the second phase since not being able to out-damage his regen should be an indicator to players that they’re not yet ready imo

you can already leave by going over the roof instead of walking straight towards the guards

Yeah some aspects of Cernyx’s battle are hell, especially with how much he moves around and how large the rubble of his attacks are

These sound pretty similar to exploration tasks imo, just a bit expanded upon

I do like the idea but I can see it being kind of a hassle to implement with all the recipe combinations (I kind of have an idea for how it could work but I haven’t put much thought into it)

I think it’s alright that the story doesn’t do that, this is where the player is given the ability to explore whatever they want to explore without being reined by the story. I kinda like that the game doesn’t hold your hand much when it comes to exploration and encourages/rewards you for taking initiative and doing it

Same as above point

I do think something like this should be a thing though, even though I realized this after my first couple ships, the game doesn’t really do a good job of communicating it even with the small tip you get

Just a personal thing but I’m not too big of a fan of cargo quests, I’d rather just pay for the cargo and get the intended money/exp

Seems kind of convenient but could also serve as a soft lock in case someone actually wants to go to an island below them

Yeah I think something like this should be a thing, perhaps a kind of side quest that unlocks it

Convenient, personally I think it should only be for gear you’ve already unlocked though. Perhaps it could have things like sorting/filtering by stats given, etc


The one thing I’ll fight for on this list to not change is the removal of destructible arenas as its a cancerous mechanic that has greatly reduced me and my friends enjoyment of boss battles that could be otherwise fun. Vetex is horrendously stubborn about certain things in the game and this should not be one of them, it is actively making the bosses feel less enjoyable.

And on the topic of Elius and his heal change- this is primarily so that players who are of skill can beat him. Right now he is a huge stat check and it makes his fight less fun on second and third files where he wins on attrition alone.

Cargo quests I know don’t really feel necessary but my goal was to help railroad people who might need that guiding hand a bit more. Yes, telling people to explore is good, but this is a double edged sword as players can meander for quite some time before finding something they are supposed to do.

I mostly agree with you on arena destruction, I think at the very least the threshold for destroying terrain should be a lot higher than it currently is (look at trees for example, they take a decent amount of hits to break) since it can be extremely inconvenient in most situations to have such easily destroyed terrain

Yeah, it’s not the end of the world but it is certainly very frustrating when attacks I would otherwise be able to avoid I get stuck taking damage for because of terrain