Being half died kinda sucks

Just writing because I have been half-dead on this forum and pretty much had no idea on what to write or enjoy here other than to wait till AO comes out
I’m kind of getting shy to talk here and I don’t know why

shit my Terraria playtime

aw, you don’t need to be anxious around us


Either i’m being too skeptic and paranoid to other’s on internet or just feel too shy to talk here

Half died

Terraria is good

I got 200 hours. Don’t worry if you enjoy it then it’s fine.

Around 550 hours of terraria it starts getting boring, enjoy it while you can :frcryin:

Don’t worry forum users are super kind,

Now give me your credit card number



laughs in dragon

just summoned devil incarnate dont @ me


I usually try build experiment more than fighting, I’m too paranoid from the evil biome (corruption) even with clentaminator

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Bats are what you should be scared of if you don’t have a cobalt shield

Hyiin awgweews wiwth ywouw. Hyiin waws bwuwwiewd whewn Hyiin fwiwst cwawme hwewe… U ^ U. Awthwouwgh swowme wewe vwewy nwiwce~!!!

what class do you use? i use mage usually but i made myself a summoner slot for the jojo memes

I choose ranger
because it’s fun

I am melee.

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Yo aye chief you’re the guy to help me with this

You already earnt my respect, you talk to me anytime you feel like it.

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terraria :nauseated_face:

Got no money for terraria but pog

If you need help on 3D or Roblox GFX, feel free to ask me

also thank you :sob: