Berserker a cool berserk game i really want to show off

While I was bored I found about a tribute game to Kentaro Miura and well ill just let the sneaks speak for themselves.

have no idea if will embed actually do to file size but anyways its a really cool berserk game and its planed to be a soulsborne game and you can tell by its combat

The game right now plans to cover golden age for the most part. voice acting is even being done and the cutscenes are pretty damn good

Anyways that’s berserker something I really just wanted to share because this needs more attention.


Saw this awhile ago on TikTok game looks promising

lol all these good unreleased games just fall down to a pit tbh i wouldnt wait for any of these games anymore

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yeah i know what you mean but you can always hope for it to work i mean the is a non profit tho

As the biggest Berserk fan on the forums, pog


wow that is a horribly pessimistic way to look at it.

second biggest goes to me i guess…

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boy oh boy can’t wait to see how many bugs this game is riddled with (like every other high end roblox rpg that promises epic boundary pushing gameplay) (no AO isn’t super boundary pushing it’s just a really good RPG)

The fan made Guts v Rosine video is nice

some more progress has been made on this game last time i checked