Berserker question

So I was thinking about making a berserker for one of my slots and I was reading about them on Trello and in the stat builds tab it says that strength based builds get strength weapons would berserkers have access to it?
also since warriors have artisan weapons what would be unique to berserkers?

just like mages having access to arcanium (which is best for conjurers), berserkers also can use strength weapons (which is technically best for warlords)
artisan weapons are for warriors only because most weapons are usable for weapon hybrids, which would have made warriors less viable

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Ohhhhh I didn’t think of strength weapons like that it all makes sense now

but say I am a berserker using strength weapons would you still be able to imbue the fighting style onto that weapon?

imbuing is a warlord thing

oh your right… well ok I think I might go with warlord

You’ll need to be a warlord (or savant) to use strength weapons after your first awakening, since they have a minimum strength and weapon requirement to wield them. After a berserker awakens, they won’t be able to put any points into weapons so they won’t be able to meet this requirement

Berserker is balls-to-the-wall Fighting Style focus. As Cray said, you can (likely) use Warlord weapons, just likes Mages will be able to use Arcanium weapons, they’ll just be far less effective due to your lack of Weapons focus. Go Berserker if you want complete and absolute Fighting Style focus, just like you’d go Mage for complete and absolute Magic focus. If weapons are swaying you, I think you should probably go Warlord.

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