Best 2nd magic for this...?

I’ve been thinking about the best choice of magic for this build.
I already chose poison for my first magic as the clouds will be huge and linger around. I’ve thought about plasma for my 2nd magic but it would kinda be boring since its effect is similar to poison’s. What’s another silly magic that is benefitted greatly from hazards/intensity?
(no wind plz)


Fire works with poison too, or if you just want a second big AOE thing you could go with magma or ash


ash, double cloud

glass magic
make huge glass panes with every attack and you get a bleed synergy

im considering glass since i found out just now it drops hazards…

the hazard itself also does bleed :>

First of all for the build: you need defense!
I like the high agility tho.
Go glass, good bleeding effect.

its not a serious build, its for trolling

i have another build that is all attack size with explosion mage which was funny, now i wanna see how annoying you can get with intensity

Bruh why didn’t you say this was a trolling build in the first place and why do you not want to use wind

wind is a solid trolling option but ive already seen it before, and as a 2nd magic it doesnt have abilities like pulsar, surge, or shapes

Bruh you should have gone wind as 1st magic then. Wind blast, beam, and javelin are good tho. Not to mention the huge amount of intensity-knockbackkkkkk