Best build for lightning?

I just can’t seem to find a build which will give lightning more of an advantage

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Right now, I would suggest for all magics to be based on a defense + magic damage build since nothing else is really in effect to my observations. I recommend using

Strong magic robe and pants (NO HAT)

Then, a powerful defense amulet (dull) and a strong power amulet (dull)

Lastly, add probably a strong magic bracelet and you’ll be a 70+ power & 600+ HP lightning wizard.

Strong Magic Robe + Pants

Keen Power Amulet (Dull)

Keen Defense Amulet (Dull)

Powerful Keen Amulet (Dull)

More magic casting will mean more builds you would send out. You can change keen to swift (magic speed) if you prefer faster lightning bulbs.

Hope this helps. <3

Thank you for the tips! <3

No problem! Just trying to help others! :smiley: