Best builds for each magic

I start this thread as a guide (sort of) to know the best builds for magics atm, according to the community.
I will update this when AO comes out, so this is a WoM guide.
Feel free to comment your builds, I will credit you here.
Please no joke builds. I want this to be an actual guide for anybody unsure of the communities opinion on good builds for each magic.
You can suggest a build for a magic that already has a build, I don’t mind! :nod:

  • Hard Wizard Robes and Pants
    Powerful Wizard Hat
    Powerful Power Amulet
    Hard Defense Amulet
    Requested by @Ultimate

Comment a setup!


Comment a setup!


Comment a setup!


Comment a setup!


Comment a setup!


Comment a setup!


Comment a setup!


Comment a setup!


Comment a setup!


Comment a setup!


Comment a setup!

  • Full Bursting Sunken Armour
    Powerful Power amulet
    Powerful Defense amulet
    Requested by @Misinput

Comment a setup!


Comment a setup!


Comment a setup!


Comment a setup!

  • Full Powerful Wizard Armour
    Powerful Power Amulet
    Powerful Defence Amulet
    Requested by @NoBanana
  • Bursting Magic size amulet
    Bursting Valkyrie Helmet
    Hard Casting Speed Amulet
    Powerful Wizard Robes
    Powerful Wizard Pants
    Requested by @CrimsonCreate

Comment a setup!


Comment a setup!


Comment a setup!


Comment a setup!

Weapons (Yes, Weapons are a magic!)
  • Hard Minotaur armour
    Strong Oathkeeper
    Strong / Hard Vastira
    Strong Castelian sword / Strong Alalean Cutlass / Swift Sunken Sword
    Requested by @DRobinHood

Yes, this is incomplete. Please help contribute by commenting your build you use for your magic!



Do not only use weapons. If you use only weapons, you will be ended before your raging storm can finish. Instead use weapons in conjuncture with something like fire that has good DOT. Keep a good balance between the two. Try to inflict bleed and then hitting them with your magic. You could use something like ash or poison to manipulate your opponent into going right where you want them before hitting them with mighty crash when they don’t know its coming.

And for the love of god, don’t use daggers.

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Very nice advice but what about a build? :fr:

Is this advice for equipment setups? Because that’s going to be pretty much identical for most magics.
Some particularly extreme fast/slow magics might opt for a different choice in weapons and a different ratio of power/defense, but the garbage stat scaling system means that there’s not many options for builds. It’s not really magic dependent - you just go hard/powerful on sunken/wizard robes and your favourite three dull amulets, plus as many rare weapons as you can hold.

This’ll be a more interesting thread once AO comes out and we get a second magic and non-worthless weapons (hopefully).

Yeah, supposed to be a guide for different setups.

I sometimes get confused when maybe using different magic about the setup to use. Do I focus on magic size? power? speed? defence?
This is why I decided to make this. Opinions on setups for different magics, so no more questioning if your build is bad or not.

Nice guide ! :fr:

The crystal one is also bad…

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I just made it leave me alone.
Feel free to give me your setup, I’d be glad to add it. :nod:

Bro you literally “made” nothing

Not even an exaggeration

Just make a poll if you want ideas but a guide where the guy who posts the guide literally has nothing isn’t a good look

Yes, I know there is nothing. No need to be rude.
The reason why I made this was because of how confused I am regarding the different viable builds for each magic. Because I use only Crystal, I only know a build for Crystal.

Then make a game discussion question instead of posting nothing in guides

Fine, I’ll move it to game discussion until it gets some info in it.
Thanks for the advice (though it was quite rude).

Magic size and speed have almost no effect at our current level.
Vetex changed the formula in the fishing update and we still don’t know what it is, but we do know that the effect is tiny - best estimates are around +10% at 50 points.
Vetex claims that 160 magic size will give you a +50% bonus, but testing agility shows its more like 30%. Then if you compare that to a full power build, despite all the nerfs to power accessories and items (and the lack of a third power accessory), it’s easily over 2x damage. Defense is a similar story.

Power and defense aren’t just the most useful stats, they’re also the only ones that work properly.
I wish I could make this better known, but attempts to figure out the formula haven’t worked, and it’s really hard to make serious suggestions or threads on this when we don’t actually know what the current system is exactly.

As such, there’s no reason to ever use an enchantment other than hard or powerful, and you should always wear both a dull power amulet and a dull defense amulet. Always.
The 3rd accessory slot and two armour slots are slightly less solved:

  • You can go for a wizard hat or a sunken (iron) helmet in the accessory slot, or you can use something like a dull size amulet if you’re one of the optimists who believe vetex might not have scuffed his numbers that badly.
  • As for the armour slots, you typically go wizard robes (as power is harder to come by than defense), but if you like defense you can go either sunken (or iron) armour.
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This is quite useful, I’ll keep this saved.
I’ll still keep the purpose of this guide the same, to give specific setups for each magic. Therefore;
Hello loyal customer! Would you like to contribute? Tell me specifically what build you use for your Ash file! :nod:

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Agility could just be scaling different…

According to fluect, just about ~50 magic size gave a 25% increase

i got it in 1.0, so it’s all just the best power stuff
the only change I’ve made to it since 1.0 is swapping the poor power amulet out when it was made illegal to wear it with a dull one (because apparantly that was too OP for vetex)

I wouldn’t say it’s a good build (I have like 500 health), but anything that’s entirely composed of power and defense isn’t a bad build.

Entirely possible, but it seems unlikely that they’d all have subtly different formulas. If vetex had put that much effort into fine-tuning it, it wouldn’t be this shit.

We tested agility because it’s the easiest to test precicely. You can run a reasonably long distance and get the exact timing from a video - magic projectiles and explosions are way harder to test precicely because even if you’re looking at still frames of a perfectly spherical magic from a video, you need to account for parallax and the fact that you may have missed the optimal point.

Being off by ±10% is really easy when working with something like magic size.

It wouldn’t be too different of a formula though and I defo feel like this is the case. I’ll run my own tests once I get enough gear though.

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Very nice. So you use a max power build?

  • Powerful wizard armour (including hat)
  • Powerful power amulet
  • Powerful defence amulet?
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No defense amulet, minimum hp even for glass canons at level 90s is 634 so they probs using something else like powerful casting speed amulet.

no it’s a defense amulet
i just haven’t played in months so I forgot what my health is

Hard mino armour. Oathkeeper, vastira, castelian sword or alalean cutlass

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