Best cannons/ram in game?

so far the best cannons ive seen are shadow. are there any better ones ? (idk about ram cause im a ketch user)



acid cannons are pretty strong, they have very high damage and DoT on top of it.

can u send stats ? and how much dot (per tick and num of ticks) ?

no idea how the DoT works tho, it prob uses the same formula and duration from the magic

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best cannons are bronze culverins but if we’re talking arcanium only then go acid or magma. best ram in the game is swift light ram

The best ones I’d say are lightning for both. It has a good balance of damage, for I think the 2nd or 3rd highest range. Downside is any shells fired are very easy to see.

A new concept, what y’all think the “end game” cannon is going to be? Assuming AO stays in development that long.
I imagine something along the lines of “Gold Greater Arcanium Heavy/Culverin” which I assume are the FINAL tier of cannons.
Alternatively, I could see it be along the lines of Greater Arcanium vs Gold Heavy/Culverin.

send stats

i like the bronze culvinars. or those canons that have a range of 1.6 and damage of 1.8

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