Best change yet?

Just noticed ur also a random guy

How about 643

Shadow mages are the worst + i see shadow npcs way too many times

good point but i don’t give away leather/bandit armor (it whatever i have that i can give them that is on their level)

(I give away closer to modified iron armor, Ravenna Legionnaire Helmets, and/or inchanted Amulets. The only time I giveaway leather armor is when is "HOW ARE YOU LEVEL 34 WITH 20 HOURS? WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING? I CAN’T GIVE YOU ANYTHING BETTER ;-; )

Not even afk fishing, just afk, they just stood somewhere for like 10 hours

Make them into jewels for extra money first

trust me, 300 galleons is nothing compared to what you’ll make from selling everything. you can get that from getting lucky with a couple of treasure chests