Best change yet?


now i dont freeze for several minutes upon opening my inventory anymore
i still have a ton of old weapons and sail patterns, but culling accessories and armor was enough to alleviate the stress on my inventory


Now thats a lot of galleons

I should probably do this. There isn’t any threat of me reaching the max amount of galleons anytime soon, and I really don’t need that many sail patterns.

Relatable, my fingers hurt from clicking all the spare leather armor I have laying around. I love all the accessory options but I’ll take my frame rate over a slightly different colored leather armor :fr:

Im a hoarder and i dont want to lose 300 galleons on death constantly. Guess im holding onto my lag bag

on god leather armor is the most hideous thing in the game. didnt even think twice before wanting to sell them all

Oh are you at that awkward point where you have enough money that you lose it on death but not enough money for that much to be insignificant? Or do you just really care about that 300 galleons.

I die a lot. From resetting to get somewhere, to getting ambushed by a 260lvl npc with 2 guns and an axe.

Oh I know from experience how much damage that axe does

bro how are you so rich brooo

I took 2 months to get 1 brig

meh the thing is im both a hoarder and i like to keep a good supply of gear i can give away to newer players (going to be really dammed hard because i have to go to the bronze sea)

I can finally sell those 700 dark shards and thornflowers that I have no use fot

Cleaning up your inventory can be a refreshing feeling.

this was my line of thinking but to be real, new players aren’t going to want your 500 lvl 1+ leather/bandit armor

@justarandomguy i wouldnt sell those,
now i dont know how the game handles items, but i think that having 100 of the same type of armor, all with different colors, enchantments, modifiers, and levels, is a bigger culprit for lag compared to 700 identical dark shards all in one stack

now if you wanna sell them just for money then go crazy lol

I would clear my inventory but it so big and ive had it for so long… That its quite sentimental… I think im a hoarder in AO now, which would make sense because my character is probably facing a midlife crisis…

Good change overall!

thanks to this, i sold both my kidneys to get an brig

Use those thornflowers to craft gems with and sell them

Good idea, except I ran out of gems

Casual 548 damage from a single axe to the face

Me too lol