Best fighting style for wind?

no boxing is out of the question until Vetex allows us to turn off the gloves

im intending to go 150 agility when the next update drop btw, so im thinking about keeping iron leg since apparently agility buffs crash distance

basic combat or sailor or if you want to be meta then you can go thermo :nod:

is wind even like… good on warlock? outside of the funny meme boxing build

not really for warlock but for mage id say its decent, and I guess conjurer would be decent with it :poggers2:

you see, I don’t care what people think is good.

Wind warlock meme build!!!

fck it i cave, the default boxing glove is red right? at least it works for me

when you imbue it with cold wind it turns gray and when imbued with hot wind I think it becomes orange or more red. I haven’t seen hot wind boxing warlock ever.

ya. also its easy to ignore.

im neutral wind so ig its gonna be grey, if it looks bad imc hanging to basic

okay :+1:

i think god is telling to just switch to conjurer/warrior for funny aoe spam

I don’t use vindicator on my warrior file.


not that good


i remember making a vow somewhen about using this

in case you havent realized, the wm in my name stands for watermelon

and what does souvella grows?

well, i suppose i’ll try it out for a while

back to the fort i go…

okay damn this thing move pretty far i give it that

its crash is second best, only trumped by thermo and will be equal to thermo once both boxing and thermo have the same speed.

Isn’t Thermo Fist already slower than Boxing? I mean, Thermo Fist needs full heat just to be equal.