Best Magic For Savant

Hello i’m new here as this is first post, thinking of starting savant slot. What magic should I pick? Im thinking about either going with light or lightning

Fire is pretty good

Jack of all trades after all

there’s not really a best magic, just pick a cool one

Hello. Savant main here.
Allow me to give you a few steps

  1. I recommend whatever magic you go for your first magic be faster than your second so that your faster magic will be the one with the most skills. Your second magic should (in most cases) always do more damage than your first so when it gets more skills it’ll be a lot more effective in fights

  2. I don’t see this as an issue but since you’re new, I’d recommend going 2 magics that synergize well with eachother. (Ex. Fire/Ash, Lightning/Water Light/Crystal)

  3. If you intend on making magic a high priority stat It’s vital you either get 90 magic or 130 depending on what you plan to get this early on in the game. This way, your second magic will have more than one skill

Follow these tips and you’ll be able to use your magic in a lot of fun and different ways.

Preferably one that clears a lot of status effects.

I would prefer a second fighting style for awakening since you can make use of Boxing’s long-distance crash and blocking power.

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what do you think about a fire/wood savant, 120 magic/80 strength/50 weapon stat split, and also what fighting style?

we all love fire savants, but personally, wood savants are superior.

or actually ice savant could be cool idk

(pun not intended)

i also want a lightning/ice/sailor fist savant down the line but not until the sailor fist quest isn’t annoying

I was thinking about a sand savant ngl

or a copper/lightning savant

Meta savant build. One of the best you’ll get out of this suffering class, As far as fighting styles go I’d recommend you get iron leg simply due to it having the best spacing. Since your a savant you’re going to WANT to hit your shots more often than not. So I’d recommend going this fighting style.

as far as weapons I find old greatsword, dual old swords, and rusty claws to be a great combination. The bleed damage with these weapons combined with wood and fire makes this build a force to be reckoned with.

Not sure how it’ll be next update though

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when the level cap raises savants will get 50 more points to work with, so I assume they’ll be a pretty nasty threat if you go for a more weapon/fs orientated savant with some decent points in magic too

for example you could easily go for something like a striking gale followed by a shot skill or something idk maybe use a fire attack

fire, plasma, ice, stuff that synergizes well with other FS’s and weapons

sand maybe if you go conjuror-savant

Fire, acid, glass.
The more synergies it has, just nothing too complicated

And this is where my build can finally shine.

Fire and Magma skills
Alongside Argos weapons and thermo fist
It’s about to be literal heat.

Friendly reminder, savants post 2nd awakening will be able to wield magic imbued argos weaponry.

You think iron leg infusions were bad enough?

try earth infusions on for size.

get it? cuz like earth is larger and that means earth infused stuff is gonna be massive and whatnot-

Okay I’ll leave.

That’s why I want (and currently have) all of his drops.

Fire halberd and Magma Lance with the assistance of thermo infused claws makes for a disrespectful combo.

Iron leg infusions aren’t crazy, warlord just has an innate size buff that when removed, even earth infusion won’t match up to

surprised there wasn’t anything mentioned on the balance doc about nerfing warlord’s size buff

it is so, so so SO obnoxiously oppressive to fight against I legit hate warlords

I’m gonna be real here if you are a warlord there is a 97% chance you watched a youtube meta video tierlist and decided to actually follow along instead of doing what you enjoy like the little slut you are.

yeah I just slutshamed warlords, they deserve it ngl.