Best magics for weapon mains

Simple question., I’m going to be creating a weapon main profile with ZERO magic, however I still need to pick something so what should I choose?

anything that synergizes well with the bleed effect. eg acid and sand

we know nothing about weapon skills or how arcanium/magic infused weapons will work

I’m doing the same thing! I’d recommend snow because the shift charge nullifies statuses. You could argue for poison, but I’d disagree because it’s gonna quickly become obsolete, while snows gonna stay more universal.

pretty sure magic infused weapons are for mages only? just like how fighting style infused weapons are for berzerker only. (heard this from testers, not devs don’t quote me.) it’s better to wait til release (obviously).

only for conjurers


lemme find it rq

found it:

edit: it doesnt make sense that a mage (full magic) could be able to infuse their magic with their weapon. How the hell would a mage have the skill to do that. You would need to know a decent amount about weapons (weapon stat) to be able to

tl;dr: conjurer = magic infused weapons. Mage = no magic infused weapons

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yuhhhhhh gg thanks i’ll save that.

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