Best Pulsar configuration for Crystal power-over-defense speed-over-size mage?

Working on PvP skills and my pulsar is currently unsatisfactory

crystal pulsar is pretty bad for this build tbh
just use javelin with 3 pulses and then hit an ult art to shatter the crystallised

I use my pulsar as a glorified blast ;-;

use the fastest pulses you can for the crystal break

Thing is I already have pulsar so I may as well optimise what I already have

Ok thanks. That all?

well, that was just what i iced for mine is all. truly it’s all preference. my blast was 4 blast x slash

0.25x pulsar is getting its damage and power affinity gutted, so I’d say 0.5x

they do the same damage?

Do they? I should probably turn it up to max pulse rate and size tbh (even tho I’m a light mage)