Best PVP magic? (mage edition)

  • acid
  • ash
  • crystal
  • earth
  • explosion
  • fire
  • glass
  • ice
  • light
  • lightning
  • magma
  • metal
  • plasma
  • poison
  • sand
  • shadow
  • snow
  • water
  • wind
  • wood
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The one I picked has 100% so it’s the best

not anymore

what criteria, what situation, what build/stat build



(bro then edits the title)

ice ice baby

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this, best magic is very dependant on your playstyle for pvp, of course there are all rounders like shadow but someone with another playstyle could beat them if they are good at it

this is kinda a bad question. I just picked shadow because its a jack of all trades but its not going to do very well against a magma aoe build on sandfall isle

Best pvp magic is serverhopping

ship pvp is better

if you cant aim that cannon to hit max speed boats dont talk