Best rod for catching legendary fish?

I’m trying to get my hands on legendary fish. Which rod and enchant gives the highest chance of catching them?

Going to the dark sea to insanity 1 with a toughened bronze rod works well for me. Once you have a few legendary scales, luck 4 makes it much easier since you get guaranteed massive or golden fish.

I have toughened bronze rod, so that takes out the first step. But the problem is the strategy you suggested requires me to have 5 legendary scales in the first place

uh, on a side note, should I use luck 5 if I’m trying to fish up a sunken warrior set?

Ye luck 5 is good for fishing up sunkens

What rod fishes up fishe with luck 4? Apparently it becomes so high it inverts and you don’t get any fish?!?

thats only with luck v.

fish in the dark sea insanity 1 level with a toughened bronze until you get enough legendary fish for an aura pot. next make a golden luck iv aura, use both to catch more legendary fish. make a few luck v auras for sunkens, the rest of the legendary scales will go to creating more luck iv auras.

also youll need a lot of time and dark sea essentia

If you don’t have dark sea essentia you can use jellyfish flesh for a cheaper but still pretty effective potion. You will generally catch enough legendary fish to make more than you used.

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Yeah. Essentia are quite rare and it would be difficult from to get my hands on that much. It’s still the same tier, just less time, right?

Correct. Apparently if you use a basic cauldron, aura potions last for 31 minutes with perfect brewing and brews last for almost 19 minutes. I would advise using a silver cauldron to extend that time to almost 30 minutes.

Uhh, so what so aura potions do?
I understand that if I use a Brew, I will be able to use the luck 4/5 5 times before I run out of Luck. That’s pretty good for one person.
But Auras… I don’t really understand them. Is it like a multi-hit splash, and if so, doesn’t that just waste the Luck? How does it work?

Yes but the duration stacks as far as I’m aware. Getting hit with all of them gives you a really high duration.

So basically, if I throw it at my feet, its like a way longer lasting potion?

I believe so. I haven’t really used them myself, but I think that’s how they work.