Best Ship Attachments

I was just wondering what are all the best ship items to have on (hull, ram, cannons, etc.)? I’m just trying to find something to do so if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

arcanium-made cannons and rams deals decent dmg.

They can be found as blueprints. you can get those blueprints inside sealed chests (by sinking ships with your ship or doing treasure charts)

get the arcanium cannons and ram, they’re very cool

it depends
do you wanna go fast
or do you wanna do a tesla and ram into everybody

My favorite is to ram tbh but I kind of like having very good cannons as well. So there is an arcanium ram?


Just got it. Are there any other better hull armors than the bronze framing? I can’t seem to find anything better.

i’ve been using the light rugged hull, i think it gives more defence

The Bronze Framing gives 2,700 defense. I don’t have a light rugged frame to compare.

o, i was thinking of the light bronze framing then

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