Best Stats for Gold

What do you think are the best stats for gold magic?

I would probably say power and casting speed, since the less reaction time to block the better, as well as doing more damage when it already does a lot.
Magic speed wouldn’t help the slowest magic in the game much.

for me its power and size of the attack to hit like all the time player or bots in your attack

Prioritize power and magic size. You aren’t going to be using your normal blast attack much against players or npcs, and will mostly be using explosions or placed explosions.

Beams will come soon, magic size wouldn’t do much for that.

Magic size for late game to have a giant slow moving shield destroying everything. Currently, as only strength and defense matter, I guess power is better?

For gold magic specifically, just get alot of power, gold is already the most damaging magic directly, and power will augment that

you can get a bit of defense too, all the other enchants (other than strong and hard) suck rn