Best Summer Ever…

The past three weeks there have been haze in the air due to the Canada wildfires, making me unable to even go outside on some days. Now, ever since a couple days ago, it’s been rain and thunderstorms every day non-stop!

For some reason the temperature has went down compared to last year too. Around this time last year it’s supposed to be around 90°F (32°C) yet it’s been between 80°F and 70°F(26°C to 21°C). I mean, I would prefer those temperatures, but it’s weird since this whole summer it’s suspected to only hit 90°F three times this whole summer, two of which already happened in June. It’s just the weather is changing so drastically that I can’t keep up anymore :pensive:

well you see the rain constantly messes around with the temperature a whole awful lot, and the wildfires as well contribute to the rain, meaning temperatures are a lot cooler here

as another canadian, I can assure you we’re either gonna have 30 degree weather or a full on storm every other night