Best Synergy with Fire?

Hi, I’m recently thinking about using fire, and I’m wondering what is the best synergy magics for it? I’m thinking 2nd and 3rd magics.

Acid (kinda)

Those are good synergies to go with fire

Water, EZ claps

(this is a joke btw)

I’m thinking fire, magma, ash or explosion. Idk which.

fire ash and magma.

Char. Melt. Then burn. Dry and repeat.

Fire + Fire = more fire!

AG moment

Probably Poison. You get a 25% damage bonus for a while (20 seconds).

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Poison does less dmg to burning

that’s why you poison them first then switch to fire :neutral_face:

You’d just use the Poison to inflict Poisoned then use Fire for more damage. It only does 10% less against burning anyway so it doesn’t matter. (You could also use Poison for additional cloud damage as well.)

Better is burn, then hit with ash to petrifying, then hit with magma for the 40% more dmg on an already heavy hitting magic.

It does the same impact damage as wind, wouldn’t call it heavy hitting.

Large DoT though.

if only they added oil magic :frpensive:

I think acid cause of that sick dot stack

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