Best way to farm Aeroplast, Coppershroom, Cloudroot, etc

You need a slot that spawns at Cirrus Island and a destructive moveset to break trees, using the Growth Sap from breaking trees to brew Revealing potions. That done, all you need to do is just pop that potion and look around. Then, once you’ve got it all, don’t wait for anything to respawn. Just server-hop. That’s it!

Stay on the mainland for efficiency’s sake; you’re gonna find most of it in the Sky Apple area, but there are conspicuous little spots where you can find Aeroplast and other things hiding around.

Screenshot 2024-05-05 113712
x21 Cloudroot, x47 Coppershroom, x18 Aeroplast after a bit more than an hour.


whats server hopping, how do you do it, will the potion effects stay?

what it sounds like-hopping from server to server

go back to the title screen and join a different server

sadly, they will not

dang :frowning:

What’s the best potency of revealing potion should I use then?

Revealing I works just fine, it highlights items and chests so you can collect them

W guide this will make my wind mage big and strong