Best way to gain fame?

Im hunting level 130 criminals but I barely get 300-500 fame per criminal and it takes some time
Any best way to farm good rep?

You can try to fight Architect Merlot at Whitesummit since he gives out 1000 Fame

Nevermind, don’t follow this. Vetex reduced the amount of fame to 200 yesterday, so it’s not 1000 anymore

Bounty hunting and news

I mean bounty hunting doesnt really give that much but I ll keep trying
And how do I gain fame with the news?

if you do things like sinking ships and saving/plundering castaways a lot you might end up in the news, which gives you a good amount of fame

Does bounty hunting appear in the news too?

i don’t think so. atleast haven’t seen so yet.

each clash with rival - yes. But choose rival that you REALLY like because rn you cant change rival. Im pretty happy with my rival because he’s hard

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So I just need to server hop until I find my rivel in the bounty board?

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nah if you have a rival they always appear on your server
unless someone else on the server also has a rival then their rivals needs to die for yours to appear

But I need to kill the same criminal 3 times for him to be my rival right?
So I need to server hop to see if he’s in the bounty board to kill the same criminal 3 times?

no the same criminal will just respawn in the same server after a while

I really hope a way to properly get rid of your rival is added, because even if they are good they’ll probably get boring/repetitive to fight for the 40th time :pensive:

I killed a criminal in the server, it as been a hour and he didnt respawn

He respawns in a different locations and shows up on the bounty board again, they should’ve clarified

Ik, he isnt appearing in the bounty boards again

Kill Assassin Syndicate members at their base, just don’t alert the mini boss and your fine.

Farm assassin base in whitesummit. You can cheese them through a wall if you have high aoe abilities and by doing this you are also getting merlot drops. You will appear in every newspaper so you will get 1.2k every time that happens.

Im not really a mage, I dont have high aoe skills

They give like 5 rep each one right?