Best way to get popular?

  • become artist
  • become suggestor
  • be very active
  • be very funny
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Be active. Make good contributions. Make the forum better, try to organise something or other or make a big topic that people like.

There are other ways. :smiling_imp:
Be the most toxic on the game/forum.

Kinda silly question but ill give my 2 cents anyways

Comments that are slightly funny manage to farm reactions/likes, you don’t even have to be funny yourself (though whether a popular reply will translate to being popular yourself is something else entirely)

Comments that are about something intriguing (e.g. weird screenshot, reposting a new patch note, cats) usually farm insane amounts of likes (e.g. i reposted another dudes reposting of patch notes but with a video and i got like 6 likes… sorry to the guy I replied to)

Also having an agreeable opinion (usually means good) gets a lot of likes. Like commenting in one of the many pvp vs pve (probably bait) thread. The opinion doesn’t have to be groundbreaking and your post doesn’t have to be well formatted or well written, you just have to be in the right place at the right time (e.g. saying that a mod sucks when literally everyone above agrees with you)

Having a different title beside you name maybe makes you magically popular? You should look at Vetex’s posts, they basically all get at least 5 likes. I basically dont check art topics at all but they seem to get a lot of reactions. Though I am not sure how quality your art will be when you’re just doing it for internet attention (wanting to be popular… :grimacing:)

Popular suggestor posts dont seem to translate to account popularity in my experience.

All of these involve being active so I chose that option.

Having people greet you or act like you’re their friend means you’ve probably achieved “popularity”, maybe you could try to fish for this status to “get popular”?

Crimson hasn’t just done popular suggestions but I feel like they were a good reason for why he got UotM along with generally being a great guy over a long period of time.

you need to pick an opinion and hardline GLAZE THE SHIT out it.
( your ass is fodder when compared to my blue eyed king Morrock :sob:)
( :fist_right: :fire_magic: :fist_left: )

who the hell is morrock???

the suggestor role doesnt really hold any significant, imo

becoming an artist requires art skills which can take time to build up

being funny is a trait, while can be learnt, is also hard to do properly unless you naturally know how to do it

so yeah being very active is probably the fastest and easiest way

be a pver

be rich

Artist- but be a good one

Be me
be schizophronic for 4 years

technically infamy is just a variant of popularity