Best weapons for light conjurer?

What weapons would yall recommend for my build? Currently I’m using kai’s sabre, greatsword and a rapier.

claws or silent blades…
uhhh idk man

saber poison tooth dagger staff

Best to use a ravenna shield for better blocking and its shield bash skills

Sounds good right now, though I haven’t used rapier or greatsword at all on a light conj. My current setup is some swift dual swords (don’t have kai sabre, replacing scims), a bursting iron staff, and an unenchanted ptd cause I wanna get a bursting scroll for that so I don’t waste too much money. I’d just try and use anything with some movement capability, so rapier is good, as light’s main advantage is it’s ridiculous speed. Imbuing would make your mobility moves even better than before.

Kai Sabre, Greenwish Staff and Poison Dagger

Saber staff and a sharp wit

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