Big Man's Small Shop

Big Man's Small Shop
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Big Man's Small Shop.

Welcome to my store. I’m probably playing AO and grinding for gear, so expect this place to be updated every once in a while. While your here, browse my wares and please feel free to make offers (I made this to trade after all).

Boss Drops

Lord Elius

Out of stock.

General Argos

Out of stock.

Lady Carina

1 Bracelet
3 Apostle Faulds
2 Apostle Gi
1 Boots
1 Pauldron

King Calvus

3 Crowns
3 Chestplates
1 Cape

Commodore Kai

9 Strong Kai Sabers
3 Bursting Kai Sabers
2 Swift Kai Sabers
1 Clean Kai Saber

Architect Merlot

1 Sanguine Blade
4 Silent Claws



1 Sunken Boots
2 Sunken Helmets



1 Strong
2 Luring
2 Lucky
2 Magnetic
2 Hard
3 Bursting
3 Swift
3 Amplified
4 Sturdy


Fair Amulets

3 Fair Hard Defense Amulets
1 Fair Strong Power Amulets
1 Fair Amplified Intensity Amulets

Seasonals (Not for sale)


I will NOT Accept galleons under any circumstances.

Contact Infromation: OmenHelpMe#4282

As of now I am mostly looking for sunken gear, amulets, and different variations of Arcspheres. So if you got any of those you have a higher chance for a deal.

Nicely organized shop :+1:

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