Bighead (A roblox item)

Hey uhh does anyone, maybe a trader, know how much people would offer on average for a bighead? I probably don’t have to money so I cant set up a trade but I might want to save for it.

Man I wish roblox forums were still a thing.

its not even limited i dont think u can trade it

im not a trader i have barely any idea what im talking about

my question is why did roblox add trading in the first place?

isnt a limited so you cant trade it



well that sucks

Well like how much would it be to usd buy someone’s account if they had a bighead and nothing else?

to add a way for people to obtain items they can’t afford or items which are unavailable through stupid means

To add gambling to their platform without breaking the law.

That’s literally it.

but why

gambling is basically the opposite of trading


gambling is basically a bet

buying accounts is against roblox tos
i highly recommend you dont do that

besides, roblox does release the bighead for certain sales on the catalog. you cant 100% know if they are gonna release it, but you can just hope. it isnt expensive either
better off to wait

also bighead looks ass tbh
extremely underwhelming item without the official roblox big accessories that they arent re-releasing

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trading limiteds is basically gambling

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yeah i just dont think they will

its just people trying to lowball everybody until they get like rich af
its just wom trading but worse

ye and youre gambling that the limited you buy increases in value

there is skill involved however, just like stocks you have to know whats good and whats not.

i kept getting shit trade requests from someone with a trade bot for my chill cap
they were just those shitty gucci items and stuff for my chill cap
those like gucci items look like horsecrap bro :fr:

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it’s still gambling :man_shrugging: